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Baker, Chocolatier & Patissier


Home to the croissant, the eclair and the macaron, France has produced the world’s tastiest pastries and Belgium has produced the world’s most indulgent chocolate. Ket Baker Patisserie founder Miek Paulus, a Belgian who first visited France with her parents as a child was romanced by the mountains, the village markets and the pastries she could sample from such captivating places. Those exquisite flavours experienced throughout her childhood, and having lived in France a few times, led Miek to pursue a passion for patisserie baking; now a qualified chocolatier, patissier and baker.

A taste of history:
After moving from Belgium to settle in Geelong with her Australian husband, Miek wanted to share her passion with the community that so graciously welcomed her and thus, Ket Baker was born. Miek is a professional chef committed to providing products that use traditional French, Italian and Belgian baking techniques and recipes. 

The products:
Our bakery uses only high quality ingredients, including local produce, raw sugar, quality cream, real butter (no margarine!) and free-range eggs from a local supplier. We aim to use as much local and farm-to-baker produce as possible.

Local ingredients combined with meticulously developed methods result in boutique tarts and 100% sourdough pastries available to Geelong and its surrounds. All of our products contain NO additives, NO preservatives and NO artificial fillers. Everything is made from scratch as much as possible and by hand.

It has taken 2 years to develop the sourdough croissant recipe and methods and Miek is still continually perfecting and learning traditional methods and getting to know local producers. She is passionate about ancient grains and their health/taste benefits. Being a grower herself, her garden harvests are used in the bakery. You will see danishes and pastries change seasonally depending on what is in the garden or able to be sourced locally. Follow @ketbaker on instagram to join her on this journey. 

We are very proud of our unique sourdough products and are delighted to be able to share them with all food lovers!